Axiom Teambuilding in the heart of the Eastern Rila

On the 18th and 19th of August 2023 Axiom Insurance Company held a teambuilding at 1695 meters above sea level in the eastern Rila. The main goal of the...
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European motorways - the new Bermuda Triangle

Did you know that cargo theft in Europe has continued to rise in recent years. According to an article in the transport magazine StraGü: "The...
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Photovoltaic (solar) panels: part of your home

Going solar is one of the best ways you can personally combat climate change and make a positive impact. Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic systems...
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The industry is no longer predictable

One of our main goals is to build an integrated ecosystem that offers our customers more than just "insurance", said Tsvetelina Mihaylova, Member of the...
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Music brings pleasure to everyone

Tonight at the Uni Art Gallery Trio Libera, consisting of Marina Savova on Piano, Niels Dittmann on Oboe, and Alexander Lenkov on Bassoon will unfold their...
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Taking a vacation may bring changes in your life

Traveling the world, stepping into a different atmosphera during a holiday: vacations are simply wonderful. Holidays can be life-affirming, stretch the...
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Axiom marks a significant increase in GWP for 2022

For the first year, Axiom Insurance Company registered a significant improvement in all key indicators for 2022, thanks to its excellent...
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Axiom was awarded the Most Dynamically Developing Company

Axiom Insurance Company has been rated as the most dynamically developing insurance company for 2022 at Lifestyle Awards 2023. The award was presented...
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Axi Health Pret-a-Porter

On April 11th  and 12th , 2023, at Axiom headquarters were held special events titled Axi Health Pret-a-Рorter. The events were...
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Power out, food spoiled? Your home insurance might help

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How to Fight Spring Tiredness

It's paradoxical - in spring, the outside world begins to bloom, but inside we begin to feel dull and tired. During the transition period between winter...
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Do I Really Need Home Insurance?

Publication in L'Europeo Magazine N.83 The Eternals and the Holy | March / April 2023 Home insurance is not required by law, but it's quite essential...
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Tips to improve your health

Stress, harmful habits, genetic burden, seasonal viruses ... Both the health of men and women are directly affected by their lifestyle and  food choices....
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Tsvetelina Mihaylova in Manager magazine special edition: The woman is

"Being a woman in a leadership role in the insurance industry today is an extremely responsible task, filled with daily challenges and difficult cases...
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Do I need home insurance?

Your home is probably the biggest and most important investment you will make in your lifetime. Nothing compares to the sense of peace and security of your...
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Tsvetelina Mihaylova: Each of our employees is the face of the company

Interview with Lyuben Dilov Jr. L'Europeo, issue 80,la dolce vita pp. 178-184 To begin with, is the dominance of women in the insurance business...
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To achieve success, you must be a dreamer

The new leadership of the Insurance Company "Axiom" has a mission to develop a modern and stable insurance company. This can be achieved through rapid...
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More about ecotourism, new ideas for travelers.

Ecotourism is an ideal way to minimize your negative impact on the environment while traveling the world and enriching yourself with authentic local experiences....
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The 5 best ways to adapt to change

Learning how to adapt quickly to change today is more important than ever. By changing our mindset, enhancing flexibility, optimism, and other skills,...
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What to do if an Insured event occurs?

You need to notify us and file a claim. The deadlines for reporting and the method of filing are described in the insurance contract. In any case, we recommend that you call us as soon as possible after the incident.

What type of buildings can be insured under Home Property Insurance?

Apartments, houses, other buildings and structures of a special type such as garages, barns, fences, etc. may be insured.

I ‘m covered under health insurance plan. I have to be hospitalized for treatment. Do I need to inform you in advance?

In case you are going to be hospitalized, you do not need to get confirmation from the Insurer. If you need assistance, we are ready to help you in the coordination with the chosen by you medical facility on 0700 400 99 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days.

When and how will the Insurer pay me?

Within 15 days after receiving all the evidence, the Insurer must either pay or refuse, stating the reason for the refusal. This term applies to all insurances offered.

How do I get a quote on a product or service for business customers?

For a quote and offer related to our products for business customers, please email us at or contact us on 0700 400 99.