Tsvetelina Mihaylova: Each of our employees is the face of the company

Interview with Lyuben Dilov Jr. L'Europeoissue 80,la dolce vita pp. 178-184

To begin with, is the dominance of women in the insurance business an AXIOM, or is it still a desirable situation?

It is true that we live in a man's world, but in the last few decades women have made great strides in the world of insurance business not only in Bulgaria but globally. I may say that the dominance of women in the insurance business – and not only, is already an AXIOM. Banking and insurance sector in Bulgaria has the strongest representation of women: according to the NSIofficial data for 2021 the percentage ratio for the sector is 42.8% women vs. 22.3% men working in insurance. The other statistics are also quite positive for women: 46% of banks and insurance companies are also managed by female CEOs in Bulgaria.

You can read the full article in Bulgarian language here.

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What should I do if I need urgent medical care and/or emergency treatment outside of working hours?

During non-working hours, you can visit a chosen by you medical facility for urgent or emergency medical care. Please, gather all medical and financial documents for the health care goods and services used. Expenses shall be reimbursed under the terms of your Insurance.

When and how will the Insurer pay me?

Within 15 days after receiving all the evidence, the Insurer must either pay or refuse, stating the reason for the refusal. This term applies to all insurances offered.

I shall be traveling abroad for planned medical treatment. Will Travel Insurance policy cover my medical expenses?

This is one of the exclusions under Travel Insurance and these medical expenses will not be covered. The insurance does not cover medical expenses incurred for the purpose of planned treatment, as well as does not include the treatment expenses for any pre-existing condition or illness.

What to do if an Insured event occurs?

You need to notify us and file a claim. The deadlines for reporting and the method of filing are described in the insurance contract. In any case, we recommend that you call us as soon as possible after the incident.

What are the Home Insurance Property Coverages?

A standard policy usually provides coverage against major risks as fire, natural disasters, floods, storms, hail. Additionally, upon your request, coverage against risks such as earthquake, theft, malicious acts of third parties and etc. may be included.