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AxiProtect - protecting your commercial property

We frequently ask the following question: do I need to have commercial property insurance if I own or rent property, or have a home business? There are...
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Important notice on upcoming changes to e-prescribing and e-filing

Axiom Insurance Company would like to inform you that when filing insurance claims for reimbursement of expenses for medicinal products under health, medical,...
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When's the best time to buy trip cancellation insurance?

The easy answer would be "always". That's because trip cancellation insurance is designed to be there when you least expect to use it. Here's what we mean:...
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How do I get a quote on a product or service for business customers?

For a quote and offer related to our products for business customers, please email us at or contact us on 0700 400 99.

I shall be traveling abroad for planned medical treatment. Will Travel Insurance policy cover my medical expenses?

This is one of the exclusions under Travel Insurance and these medical expenses will not be covered. The insurance does not cover medical expenses incurred for the purpose of planned treatment, as well as does not include the treatment expenses for any pre-existing condition or illness.

What are the Home Insurance Property Coverages?

A standard policy usually provides coverage against major risks as fire, natural disasters, floods, storms, hail. Additionally, upon your request, coverage against risks such as earthquake, theft, malicious acts of third parties and etc. may be included.

What type of buildings can be insured under Home Property Insurance?

Apartments, houses, other buildings and structures of a special type such as garages, barns, fences, etc. may be insured.

When and how will the Insurer pay me?

Within 15 days after receiving all the evidence, the Insurer must either pay or refuse, stating the reason for the refusal. This term applies to all insurances offered.