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Axiom marks a significant increase in GWP for 2022

For the first year, Axiom Insurance Company registered a significant improvement in all key indicators for 2022, thanks to its excellent performance in sales of Property, Financial, Accident and Health products, despite the challenging market environment...
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Axiom was awarded the Most Dynamically Developing Company

Axiom Insurance Company has been rated as the most dynamically developing insurance company for 2022 at Lifestyle Awards 2023. The award was presented at an official ceremony at the Black&White Club, Millennium Hotel, Sofia...
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Axi Health Pret-a-Porter

On April 11th  and 12th , 2023, at Axiom headquarters were held special events titled Axi Health Pret-a-Рorter. The events were attended by representatives of the top 20 of the leading insurance brokers in Bulgaria...
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When should I take out Medical Insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria?

When entering or transiting through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, it is necessary to have Medical Insurance for foreigners.

When and how will the Insurer pay me?

Within 15 days after receiving all the evidence, the Insurer must either pay or refuse, stating the reason for the refusal. This term applies to all insurances offered.

I shall be traveling abroad for planned medical treatment. Will Travel Insurance policy cover my medical expenses?

This is one of the exclusions under Travel Insurance and these medical expenses will not be covered. The insurance does not cover medical expenses incurred for the purpose of planned treatment, as well as does not include the treatment expenses for any pre-existing condition or illness.

What type of buildings can be insured under Home Property Insurance?

Apartments, houses, other buildings and structures of a special type such as garages, barns, fences, etc. may be insured.

I ‘m covered under health insurance plan. I have to be hospitalized for treatment. Do I need to inform you in advance?

In case you are going to be hospitalized, you do not need to get confirmation from the Insurer. If you need assistance, we are ready to help you in the coordination with the chosen by you medical facility on 0700 400 99 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days.