To achieve success, you must be a dreamer

The new leadership of the Insurance Company "Axiom" has a mission to develop a modern and stable insurance company. This can be achieved through rapid growth in the general insurance market, the development of innovative insurance products, efficient digital solutions, and building on what has been achieved so far, shares Tsvetelina Mihailova, a member of the Board of Directors and CEO in an interview for "Manager" magazine.

- How did you decide to take on the challenge and become the CEO of the new player in the insurance market, Insurance Company "Axiom"?

This is indeed a big challenge and in my opinion, it can only be undertaken by people with inexhaustible energy and high professionalism, with great attention to small details. I am excited to share my expertise in the sector, my experience, as well as to be useful with my contacts, to contribute to the growth of the company. I believe that to achieve success in your work, to retain the customers you already have, and to attract new ones, to continue to be productive, competitive in the market and sought after, you need above all to put in a great desire and dedication, to have a motivated team of professionals behind you and a clear strategy.

- Has citizens' and companies' awareness increased over the years regarding insurance?

- Yes, we observe growth in the awareness of insurance service consumers, but the percentage is still very low compared to other European countries. The problems are complex: incorrect information and uninformed decisions, complex and incomprehensible terminology, lack of trust, and sometimes unfairness on the part of insurers. I believe that by sharing valuable and useful information in understandable language, creating added value and providing a personalized positive customer experience, we can help and explain to Bulgarian consumers the benefits of insurance products. This is a task that lies ahead for the entire insurance sector.

- When is insurance an investment and when is it an expense?

- Very often insurance is seen as an unnecessary expense for something that we hope will never happen. Given the rising inflation and the specific economic situation, I believe that insurance is a relevant investment tool for business and people, not an unnecessary expense. By buying insurance, we invest in the future, we take responsibility towards others and most importantly we ensure safety and financial support for both the business and for ourselves and our loved ones, when something serious happens. Thus, the expense we have made pays off many times over.

The entire interview can be read here.

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What are the Home Insurance Property Coverages?

A standard policy usually provides coverage against major risks as fire, natural disasters, floods, storms, hail. Additionally, upon your request, coverage against risks such as earthquake, theft, malicious acts of third parties and etc. may be included.

I shall be traveling abroad for planned medical treatment. Will Travel Insurance policy cover my medical expenses?

This is one of the exclusions under Travel Insurance and these medical expenses will not be covered. The insurance does not cover medical expenses incurred for the purpose of planned treatment, as well as does not include the treatment expenses for any pre-existing condition or illness.

When and how will the Insurer pay me?

Within 15 days after receiving all the evidence, the Insurer must either pay or refuse, stating the reason for the refusal. This term applies to all insurances offered.

What should I do if I need urgent medical care and/or emergency treatment outside of working hours?

During non-working hours, you can visit a chosen by you medical facility for urgent or emergency medical care. Please, gather all medical and financial documents for the health care goods and services used. Expenses shall be reimbursed under the terms of your Insurance.

When should I take out Medical Insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria?

When entering or transiting through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, it is necessary to have Medical Insurance for foreigners.