Photovoltaic (solar) panels: part of your home

Going solar is one of the best ways you can personally combat climate change and make a positive impact. Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic systems (PV systems). Installing them is also one of the easiest ways to start saving serious money on your electricity bills.

Protect your solar energy with AxiHome property insurance

Like your patio, balcony or security system, solar energy systems are part of your property. This means that as long as you own photovoltaic (solar) panels, your system will be included in your AxiHome property insurance policy and covered against your chosen perils without resulting in an increase to your premium.

In most cases, PV systems are built on the roofs of apartment buildings/houses, or located on land. As such, they can be affected and damaged by storms, hail and lightning, and can themselves become a source of fire.