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The most convenient way to file your health/medical insurance claim is through our online customer service platform My axiom.

My axiom button enables our registered customers to submit online the claims for reimbursement of expenses, further: to check the status of the submitted claims, to check the remaining limit of the relevant health package, as well as to make online request for an Appointment Scheduling for doctors and medical practitioners via

Our new customers who would like to take advantage of the online customer service platform can quickly and easily register in My axiom.

When submitting a claim, you must provide copies of all documents required by the Insurer - a detailed description of documents can be found in DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR MAKING CLAIMS IN THE EVENT OF AN INSURANCE EVENT

Claims of up to BGN 500.00 will be proceeded without submission of original financial documents, with filed and applied DECLARATION to Claim for reimbursement of expenses up to BGN 500.00 (five hundred), therefore the Insurer reserves the right to request the original financial documents for review during the claim assessment process.

Important notice:

Axiom Insurance Company would like to inform you that when filing insurance claims for reimbursement of expenses for medicinal products under health, medical, travel and accident and sickness insurance, as well as for the expenses for medicaments and drugs partially paid by the NHIF, it is necessary to submit an Outpatient Sheet with detailed information about the therapy prescribed by the GP or the doctor who conducted the examination.

The current requirement is in connection with the forthcoming changes in the issuance and execution of electronic prescription and the entry into force of the amendments to the REGULATION No. 4 OF 4 MARCH 2009. PRESCRIPTION AND RELEASE OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS from 18.12.2020.

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