Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Our Professional Liability Insurance policies are designed to protect professionals with expertise in a specific area against negligence and other damages caused during the performance of their professional activity. It offers financial protection to meet legal expenses and any damages incurred during the period of insurance cover arising from negligence, malpractice, mistakes, or misrepresentation that could be subject to compensation.

Covered risks

The liability for damages caused by non-fulfilment of professional obligations are specified in special conditions as follow:

  • BulletMedical Personnel professional liability
  • BulletDesigners and contractors professional liability (DCPL)
  • BulletAccountants and Auditors professional liability
  • BulletInsurance Brokers professional liability
  • BulletOther professional liabilities


  • Protects your interests that may suffer as a result of damage to the property, life and health of third parties due to failure to fulfill your professional obligations
  • Insurance coverage fully compliant with the legal requirements for the specific profession
  • Peace of mind and financial help in difficult situations

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General Civil Liability

Our General Civil Liability Insurance policy is designed to cover your liability for material and non-material damage, caused to third persons as a result of exercising the economic activities, indicated in the insurance policy.

Covered risks

  • BulletProperty and non-property damages caused to third parties during or in connection with the performance of the activity specified in the insurance policy within the agreed compensation limits
  • BulletThe liability of natural persons who represent or are in employment relationship with the legal entity insured under the policy
  • BulletCourt fees and other expenses in connection with the settlement of claims for damages covered under the terms agreed in the insurance policy


  • A wide range of coverages that enable the minimization of potential losses and expenses under contracts and for claims by third parties such as employees, partners and customers
  • Liability limits are specified by you and are negotiated with the Insurer

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