How to Fight Spring Tiredness

It's paradoxical - in spring, the outside world begins to bloom, but inside we begin to feel dull and tired.

During the transition period between winter and spring, many people struggle to adapt to the changing climate. Our internal body temperature is lower in winter than in summer. When it gets warmer outside, the body needs some time to adapt. During this process, the blood vessels dilate, causing the blood pressure to drop. The result: we start to feel tired and bored. 

The lack of vitality may be due to a lack of vitamin reserves in the body. For example, essential energy boosters like vitamins D and C depend on the availability of sunlight and fresh fruits and vegetables. We have less of both in the winter. In addition, the concentration of melatonin in our body (melatonin = the sleep hormone) is very high after the long winter. On the other hand, our serotonin (activity hormone) stores are empty.

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Who is affected?

On average, about one-third of all people are more sensitive to spring fatigue. People with low blood pressure, women, adolescents and weather-sensitive people are particularly susceptible.

How to cope with and support your body's transition?


Physical activity is good for blood pressure. In the spring, you should use every opportunity to exercise. Take your bike or walk to work instead of driving. During the weekends, take a walk in the mountains, not forgetting to insure yourself against unexpected incidents with Tourist Insurance.

Eat healthy

A healthy diet rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables provides the brain with optimal nutrients to function at its full potential. In addition, pineapple, apples, bananas and grapes contain serotonin, which also helps.

Cold showers

Even if you hate cold water, taking a cold shower or alternating between cold and hot water promotes good circulation. 

Get out in the sun

Get out! Spending time outdoors helps increase serotonin levels, which makes you feel more awake. The more sunlight we get, the better, because the concentration of melatonin will also decrease. For a fresh spring mood, catch a flight to sunny Italy or to the warm waters of the Maldives, and don't forget to put Travel insurance abroad in your suitcase - just in case.

Fresh air

Fresh air stimulates your brain and removes fatigue - so get out and take a deep breath!

A nap

If possible, take a nap between 20-30 minutes after lunch to rest but also avoid drowsiness.

We hope the tips from the Axiom team help you beat spring fatigue more easily. 

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