Complaint handling

What do you need to do to file a complaint?

Complaints submission and completion process

Our customers have the right to file a complaint and they don’t pay a fee for the case review. The complaint may be submitted in writing via email or through the regular mail, such as the Bulgarian Postal Service or submitted at the Company's office, in Bulgarian and/or English. Complaints are accepted by e-mail only if they are received from the e-mail that the customer has indicated for communication when the contractual relationship was established.

  • Complaints in written form on paper are submitted at Axiom Insurance Company’ Head office, at the following address: 1408 Sofia, 150 Vitosha Blvd. or sent by post or courier with a return receipt.
  • Complaints in electronic form are submitted via e-mail at:  

What shell Your complaint contain?

Your complaint must include:

  • Your names and PIN/ Foreigner's PIN;
  • If you are a representative of a company, you must also indicate the name and UIC of the company;
  • Your permanent address / address for correspondence, telephone, e-mail;
  • A detailed description about the matter;
  • Insurance contract/policy number and/or Claim number, if the complaint is related to an insurance contract/policy;

          IMPORTANT: Axiom Insurance Company does not review anonymous complaints.

  • In order for us to be of maximum assistance, your complaint must be clearly worded. It is necessary to attach all available written documents and evidence supporting your complaint. Please send only copies of the documents and keep the originals with you.
  • If you are submitting the complaint by proxy, a power of attorney should be attached to it.

How we handle complaints

Any written complaint, incl. send via the Insurer's e-mail is registered in the Complaints’ Register with a tracking number and date on the day it is received by our complaint checker. The response period starts from the next working day. After receiving and registering your complaint, it is distributed to the relevant responsible Directorate, in whose competences it is to consider the situation and the evidence to find an appropriate resolution.   

When preparing responses to complaints, the relevant responsible experts are obliged to:

  • Collect and investigate all relevant evidence and information regarding the complaint;
  • Prepare the response to the complaint and send it to the complainant in a timely manner.

Deadline for responding to complaint

The deadline for responding to any complaint from a customer is 30 (thirty) days from the date of registration of the complaint. For complaints concerning the amount of insurance compensation, the deadline is 7 (seven) days.

In case the complaint was filed through a competent state institution, the deadline for collecting documents and preparing a response depends on the deadline provided by the relevant authority.   

In case you are not satisfied with Axiom Insurance Company resolution  

If you are not satisfied with the way on how Axiom Insurance Company handled your complaint, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Financial Supervision Commission at the following address: Sofia, 16 Budapest Str. and on

In the event that the dispute is not settled by mutual agreement or through other means of out-of-court dispute settlement, the dispute shall be resolved by the competent court, according to Bulgarian legislation.

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