To file your claim, please follow the steps below:

  • Download, fill in and sign your Notice of Intent to Claim
  • The scanned copy of the Notice of Intent to Claim, together with copies of all documents originally required by the insurer listed below, send to e-mail address: or by courier to: Sofia 1408, 1408 Blvd. Vitosha 150, for ZK AXIOM AD.

In case of occurrence of an insurance event, please provide us with the following documents:

  • Independent Inspector Survey report – original, drawn up no later than the cargo is released; in case of total loss of the Cargo – no later than 48 hours from the moment of occurrence of the insurance event;
  • A Note of Protest, also called Sea Protest, written witness statements, police protocols, conclusions and assessments of experts and others in original or notarized copies;
  • The Contract of carriage – Bill of Lading for shipping, Bill of Lading for cargo trainng (Part 1 and Part 5), CMR Consignment Note (2 copies for the consignee) and others also in original;
  • Commercial Invoices, Dispensers, Packing list, Commercial contract, etc. – originals or notarized copies;
  • A certificate of origin  of the goods – in original;
  • Documents establishing the Branded Goods under a manufacturer’s brand name - in e original;
  • The carrier's statement of damage and the causes which led to shortages and/or damage to the cargo, again in the original;
  • Correspondence of the insured with the third party causing the damage, such as a protest letter against a carrier and/or other third party, guilty or responsible for the damages incurred, as well as the possible response of that person – notarized copies;
  • Other documents justifying the quality or price of the goods above the average for the respective type and type of goods - in original or notarized copy.

What you need to do in case of occurrence of an insurance event

  • You must notify us in writing within 3 days of learning (up to 24 hours in case of theft and robbery), but no later than 7 days from the date of occurrence of the insurance event and take all reasonable and appropriate measures to save the Cargo, prevent or limit the loss and/or damage.
  • The objective identification of the damage is carried out by an Independent Inspector, appointed in your insurance policy.


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