Property insurance claim

To file your Property insurance claim, please follow the steps below:

  • Download, fill out the written notice of claim and sign
  • Send the scanned copy of the written notice of claim, together with copies of all initially required documents by the Insurer specified below and send via email at or by courier addressed to: 1408 Sofia, 150 Vitosha Blvd., Axiom Insurance Company.

In case of occurrence of an insurance event, please provide us with the following documents:

  • Written notice of claim according to the Insurer's template
  • Insurance policy and Addendums if any
  • Documents about the event occurred, if applicable:
    • By the Police/Fire Department
    • By the Electricity Distribution Company, etc.
  • Documents that prove property ownership of the damaged property
  • Documents proving the expenses incurred (bills, invoices, etc.)
  • Other documents upon request by the Insurer, depending on the type of insurance event occurred, necessary to prove your claim in terms of grounds and amount.

What you need to do in case of occurrence of an insurance event

  • Take all necessary and appropriate measures to minimize further damage wherever possible.
  • Keep the pieces of destroyed property and do not change the condition of the property damaged before the inspection by the Insurer and without his consent.
  • Notify the Insurer in time and ensure access of the claims adjuster to the damaged property.
  • Notify the relevant authorities immediately after the occurrence of an insurance event, namely:
    • in case of fire and flood - the Fire and Emergency Services.
    • in case of theft, robbery and malicious actions of third parties - the Police Department
    • in the event of an electric shock - the Electricity Distribution Company

Deadlines applicable for notification of the Insurer in case of occurrence of an insurance event

  • In the event of fire, explosion, malicious acts, theft by burglary, technical means or robbery within 24 hours or on the first working day after the occurrence of the event or the knowledge of it.
  • In the case of other types of insurance events, within three days from the occurrence of the insurance event or the knowledge of it.

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