Property Insurance

Business property insurance

Having the right commercial property coverage could mean the difference between a minor disruption to operations and a major financial loss. We offer commercial property protection for a wide variety of industries and businesses ranging from small to large to highly complex. The insurance guarantees reliable protection of movable and/or immovable property, owned or rented, through reimbursement of total loss or partial damage caused by or as a result of a covered risk.

Covered risks

  • BulletFire and explosion
  • BulletNatural disasters
  • BulletBurst pipes
  • BulletShort circuit and inrush current
  • BulletEarthquake
  • BulletVandalism, theft, robbery
  • BulletThird-party liability insurance
  • BulletBroken glass, etc.


  • Can help cover you for costly repairs if your building is damaged, so you can get back to business as soon as possible.
  • Flexible insurance premium payment options
  • Quick and easy claim assessment process

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic Equipment policy is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses that own or hire a large variety of electronic equipment such as computers, servers, medical devices, cash registers, TV & radio, etc. used for commercial and industrial purposes, as well as/or external data carriers (incl. standard and user software).

Covered risks

  • BulletSurge, induction (magnetization), lightning (direct and indirect), smoke, soot and corrosive gases
  • BulletImproper operation, discharge, errors (negligence) of service personnel (errors in the operation and servicing of the insured property by the Insured's staff)
  • BulletBurglary or armed robbery of electronic equipment in a motor vehicle, as well as road accident damage


  • Peace of mind and security, without worrying that any such damage will disrupt your activities
  • Insurance protection and coverage tailored to the specific characteristics of electronic equipment

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Installation and construction all-risk insurance

The insurance offers comprehensive and adequate protection for investors, principals, contractors or subcontractors of construction sites for material losses on the insured property, for temporary construction mechanization and assembly facilities and equipment as a result of a risk covered. The coverage includes as well expenses for clearance of debris following any insured event occurrence, third-party claims regarding property and non-property damages resulting from the implementation of construction and installation works.

Covered risks

  • BulletSudden and unforeseeable material losses or damage to the insured installation/construction works, and the replacement or repair of the damaged items
  • BulletDirect material losses on the insured property as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, impact from a vehicle, falling objects, storm, hail, earthquake, etc.
  • BulletMaterial damage to construction machinery, as well as to temporary assembly and construction facilities and equipment
  • BulletCompensation for property and non-property damages caused to third parties as a result of tort


  • Keep your project well-protected and on track.
  • Convenient rescheduling of premium without increasing costs.

Business Interruption Insurance

Most commonly incorporated in business (commercial) property insurance policies, business interruption insurance is designed to cover the shortfall in a business's gross profits caused by an interruption to the business following an insured loss. The suspension must be caused by the direct physical loss, damage, or destruction to property.

Covered risks

  • BulletReduction in net income that results from suspension of operations
  • BulletOngoing expenses incurred during the business interruption
  • BulletExtra expenses related to business interruption


  • Peace of mind and security in the event of actual loss of business income due to interruption or suspension of your operations
  • Insurance protection in case of increased production costs and reduced turnover

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