Tips to improve your health

Stress, harmful habits, genetic burden, seasonal viruses ... Both the health of men and women are directly affected by their lifestyle and  food choices. A healthy diet combined with physical activity is considered the safest and most reliable long-term way to reduce the risk of diseases and to reach or maintain an optimal weight and a beautiful vision. On the other hand an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your overall well-being, mental, physical and reproductive health.

Advice for both men and women

  • Maintain a normal waistline and watch out for excess weight
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet containing low-calorie foods
  • Take enough water
  • Make morning exercise a daily priority
  • Limit or quit smoking, as well as the use of alcoholic, energy and carbonated drinks
  • Take the time to screen for STI and STD that are often asymptomatic and can lead to various complications
  • Get tested for colon cancer, known as the "silent " disease with no obvious symptoms