What is home insurance?

Home insurance is an essential risk management tool. It provides protection in the event of unforeseen events such as fire, flood or other damage to your property.

Did you know ... this type of insurance is not just a financial transaction. It is a security commitment that can protect us from significant financial loss. The essential idea is to indemnify losses and restore the property to the state that existed before the damage occurred.

When selecting an insurance policy, it is critical to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the scope of coverage, limits of liability and exclusions that are outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Basic coverage typically includes risks associated with immovable property, such as an apartment or house, and the fixed items therein. In the event of a flood, for example, such cover would compensate for any damage to walls and floors, but not for any damage to equipment or furniture, unless you have also included cover for moveable property. In this context we can say: Leave the diving to the professionals :) If you have home insurance, a burst plumbing doesn't mean your work is burst at all.

For example, AxiHome's combined home insurance package also covers home contents, appliances and furnishings that serve normal use within the household, including installations and equipment such as photovoltaic panels, solar collectors and the like, as well as short circuits, glass breakage, theft, third party liability (especially for those living in housing associations). 

It's a good idea to consult with our specialists before purchasing home insurance to make sure the coverage meets your needs and preferences.