Accident and illness

To file your claim, please follow the steps below:

  • Download, fill out the written notice of claim and sign
  • Send the scanned copy of the written notice of claim, together with copies of all initially required documents by the Insurer specified below and send via email at: or by courier addressed to: 1408 Sofia, 150 Vitosha Blvd., Axiom Insurance Company.

In case of occurrence of an insurance event, please provide us with the following documents:

  • Written notice of claim according to the Insurer's template
  • Insurance policy
  • Medical documents (epicrisis, sick notes, outpatient lists, appointments and test results, an expert decision of the Territorial Expert Medical Board, personal outpatient card, forensic medical expertise, autopsy report and others)
  • Expenses justifying documents in original (invoice with receipt, with the relevant prescription)
  • Documents certifying the occurrence of the event: Statutory protocol/Traffic accident protocol, National Social Security Institute (NSSI) order, Occupational accident declaration, official note from employer, sports club, transporter, travel agency, competent authority
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Excerpt - copy of the death certificate
  • Notice of death
  • Other documents upon request by the Insurer, depending on the type of insurance event occurred, necessary to prove your claim in terms of grounds and amount.

What you need to do in case of occurrence of an insurance event

  • In case of occurrence of an insurance event, it is important to know that you should fully complete your treatment to file a claim.
  • During the treatment you should keep all medical documents issued in connection with the same.

Important notice:

Axiom Insurance Company would like to inform you that when filing insurance claims for reimbursement of expenses for medicinal products under health, medical, travel and accident and sickness insurance, as well as for the expenses for medicaments and drugs partially paid by the NHIF, it is necessary to submit an Outpatient Sheet with detailed information about the therapy prescribed by the GP or the doctor who conducted the examination.

The current requirement is in connection with the forthcoming changes in the issuance and execution of electronic prescription and the entry into force of the amendments to the REGULATION No. 4 OF 4 MARCH 2009. PRESCRIPTION AND RELEASE OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS from 18.12.2020.

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