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Cargo shipments are generally safe and secure, but as with unforeseen events, things can sometimes go wrong during the transport of goods. Cargo insurance is the most common method used to protect the value of your goods from physical damage, theft, or general average. The insurance covers any goods and cargo, subject to import, export or re-exports and the material interest related thereto, while being in transit, against any loss, damage and expenses incurred on occurrence of an insured event, as well as also risks and expenses, related to transportation of goods on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Covered risks

Subject to the following clauses:

  • BulletInstitutional Cargo Clauses (A) - CL 382 1/1/09 - provides full coverage for all risks of total or partial loss and/or damage to the insured cargo during carriage, except as expressly excluded. General accident and rescue expenses are also covered. This clause generally insures new goods and cargo packed in boxes, crates, crates, sacks and other types of packaging. Cargo in bulk or bulk transported in tanks, tankers or other specialized containers is not insured under this clause;
  • BulletInstitutional Cargo Clauses (B) - CL 383 1/1/09 /- provides limited coverage, including coverage under Institutional Cargo Clauses (C) - 1.1.09 and the risks earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning, ingress of sea, lake or river water in the vehicle, the total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped when loaded on or unloaded from a ship or vessel;
  • BulletInstitutional Cargo Clauses (C) - CL 384 1/1/09 – provides minimum coverage including loss and/or damage to insured cargo due to the occurrence of certain risks (fire, explosion, overturning or derailment of a land vehicle, collision or contact of a ship or vessel with any kind of object except water, discharge of cargo in a port of distress, general casualty donation, discharge of cargo in casualty). Metals, ores, coal and other similar cargoes are insured under this clause, as well as those in bulk or in bulk, carried in tanks, tankers and other specialized containers, as well as used or damaged goods and cargoes.

At the request of the Insured, and against payment of an additional insurance premium, the Insurer, at its discretion, may also provide insurance coverage according to other specialized Cargo Clauses, effective and applied on the international insurance market, as well as against risks specified in special conditions in/to the insurance contract.


  • Professional advice and assessment of specific risks
  • Clear rules for paying benefits

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