Health Insurance

Axi Health

Axi Health, our health insurance, provides an opportunity for employers from large corporate, SME or small companies in Bulgaria to take out health insurance for the benefit of their employees, providing them access to high-quality medical care, speedy treatment and support from leading healthcare professionals in a wide range of medical facilities across the country, incl. the option also to add family members to get healthcare cover. Axi Health reduces the waiting time employees would spend in queues in front of doctors' offices, and offers preventive services and early diagnosis to help them avoid serious illness and the risk of long-term absence from work.

Covered risks

  • BulletIn-patient treatment - diagnosis, stay and treatment in a hospital, incl. robotic operations, team selection, consumables, childbirth, rehabilitation after hospital treatment
  • BulletOut-patient care – examinations with a selected physician, specialist consultations and medical tests, incl. highly specialized diagnostic test

Additional benefits

  • BulletReimbursement of expenses for prescribed drugs and medicines
  • BulletPregnancy surveillance
    • BulletBaby Package – as additional cover to Pregnancy surveillance for medical examinations, tests and treatment due to illnesses leading to infertility in either the male or female reproductive systems
  • BulletOphthalmology - covers the costs for vision correction: glasses and lenses (excl. glass frames) due to medical indications
  • BulletDental care - therapeutic and surgical treatment, as well as dental tests
  • BulletPreventive services – for early detection of an illness and its timely treatment
  • BulletCritical illnesses - examinations, tests and treatment
  • BulletMED CARE - Home visits by a physician, mobile laboratory services and other medical manipulations at home
  • BulletOXI Health - rehabilitation and physiotherapy for Covid 19 post treatment
  • BulletVirtual doctor services - online medical consultations with experienced doctors
  • BulletAccess to confidential mental health counselling and support


  • Tailored to people and business, flexible and budget oriented
  • Access to quality and speedy medical services anywhere in the country
  • Scheduling an exact time for examination, assistance for consultations and treatment by leading national consultants
  • Cashless claim benefit, instead of worrying about hefty medical bills
  • Reimbursement of the purchased consumables for surgical treatment, expensive medications and tests
  • Better accomodation conditions during the hospital stay
  • Plus, the advantage of tax deductions on premium paid for the employer and the insured employees

Medical insurance for foreigners in Bulgaria by Axiom IC

This insurance is offered in accordance with the Ordinance on the general conditions, minimum sum insured, minimum insurance premium and the procedure for conclusion of compulsory medical insurance for foreigners on short-term or long-term stay in the Republic of Bulgaria or transiting through the country. We provide cover for the actual medical expenses incurred for emergency medical assistance in the event of sudden, unexpected, unforeseen indisposition, sickness or accident occurring during the term of the insurance contract.

Covered risks

  • BulletMedical expenses
    • BulletUrgent and emergency medical treatment due to a sudden, unexpected health condition, sickness or accident
    • BulletExpenses for outpatient treatment
    • BulletExpenses for inpatient treatment
  • BulletTansportation costs for accommodating or transferring the Insured to a medical establishment;
  • BulletEmergency dental treatment


  • Peace of mind and security during your stay on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Quick and reliable reimbursement of expenses Incurred due to an insured event

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